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Killing Ground - text


Bombing run, intent to kill
Kill, murder, fire at will
Only innocents left to slaughter
More genocide then murder
Incinery bombs fall, explosions and fire
A fuckin' kill rate to admire
Families are annihilated
Nice girls and virgins are violated
A second wave of tanks and killers
Commit an act of brutal murder
We hack, we slash, we kill them all
The ash of burning bodies falls
Our tanks crunsh their bones
Grinding bodies, blood and stones
Gore obsessed, full of rage
Wrath and fury, intent to rape
Rejection is our reward
For we commited a bloodbath
No mercy for families and stuff
No mercy for us
Call us murderer
For us this is war
We live for slaughter, we live to kill
In times past, and now still
Demons of our past come forth
The dead ain't dead no more
They want to bath in blood
They want to see us rot
Their revenge is our death

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