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Cult of Gore - text


Destroyer of The Light
Lord in the Eternal Night
Deceiver of the credulous Eldar
Bringer of Sorrow
To the children of Illuvatar

Violator of the sun fire slut
Drowning the world in blood
Kreator of monsters and orcs
Dragon fire must scorch the earth

Cult of gore

Killing with fire and frost
Nailing the elfbastards to the cross
Slaves tortured in the dungeons
The realm is in violent expansion

Victims screaming in pain
Ripped apart, with a splattered brain
Fingolfin with the hammer fell
By the Nihilistic God of Hell

Cult of gore

And a dark sun is rising
About the blood-drenched battlefield of death
And we are marching off to total war
For blood and for gore and for Morgoth
The dark power of the North
And the warriors of the North are
Killing and fighting and maiming
And raping the nice elven bitches
And we are all the warriors of Morgoth
The King of the Cult of Gore

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