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In forgotten crypts and chapels
Our diabolical feasts are arranged.
On the dirty ground we paint the sign
The great symbol of evilness.
The Devil takes delight in orgies
We take pleasure till death.
The soul of the victim must be pure
To humiliate it with carnal vices
Then it rots in Hell forever.
Debauchery is an art
In which there is no law
Except to satisfy Satan
The Lord of all blasphemies.
Agonizing and dead human beings lie down
In sperm and blood.
An intense fornication
And unbearable tortures rape your flesh
And mind until you ask for your death.
Remember the whore called Mary
Her vagina was soiled
By the King of depravity
He took her virginity.
Innocence and holiness disappear
As we copulate.
Now it’s time to sacrifice and the screams
Are getting louder. The final sodomy
Is done with long silver knives.
The humans are dead but now
They suffer in the Underworld.

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