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Let me see you undress, make me feel your skin
Let as drown in pleasure, in our quest for sin
Let me take your flash, i will make it my
For this time my child, you are one with divine!

There's no place for love, and no place for you
Only carnal instincts, that shall fill us thru
I'll enslave your thoughts,and i will make you my
You're just a toy of passion, i will break inside!

I'll wait for you tonight
I know you will be there
You're blinded by Lust
I rule and I control
You are on your knees, begging me for more

That is all from now, you'll be looking for

Drained from love and soul, you're an empty shell

I don't want you now, so you can go to hell!

Text přidala JesseVampire

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