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Call me out on it
I may not look like all the others
That you fucking hate
Fall into a clouded dream I had once
No, I never doubted that we were all
Forced to deliver unfounded
Unconditional love. There’s just something about it
That I fucking hate
I’m a Lexapro at feeling down
I’m so Percocet in my ways
Although I’ve tried to deny it
The pain I’ve caused always set in stone
The pain I’ve cause always made me whole
The pain I’ve cause always set in stone
The pain I’ve caused is worth it’s weight in gold
I lost track of the pills we ate
Shoved down my throat to save my soul
I threw you up to keep me cold
I never asked for your love, you can keep your love
One step closer to the edge
Means one less demon lives inside my head
The collective time that I’ve sacrificed
This body is broke but still never satisfied
Well I’ve tried and I’ve tried and I’ve tried and I’ve tried and I tried
And now on my own I’ve finally realized
That it’s under my skin. It’s creeping in
You’d never believe the fucking state I’m in
Cause I hate the hate, I hate the hate, but my hate…
Is all I have

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