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I see faces, white with death.
They stare at me, from the water.
Swallowed by hundreds,
Men sink down to their graves.
With all hope gone,
They can't be saved.
In just minutes,
Life turns to nothingness.
For some it goes quickly,
For others, not so fast.
Take a look at the sky,
For it will be your last.
We'll fight for tonight,
Now's our time.
I saw you there, won't you stay here?
No time for goodbyes,
Pray for our lives.
This fight is ours,
We've come so far.
Brace yourselves,
This could be the end.
I've had enough,
This is too much.
Just don't think,
What could have been.
We must push on,
We will push on.
This water is now our tomb.
It's now or never,
Turn this ship around.
They can hear everything,
Don't make a sound.
There is no difference,
But the colors of the sails.
It's all the same soil,
From which each man hails.
Break your bones.
We hold our breath,
And hope for the best.
Take everything, give nothing back.
What have you done for us?

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