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You always said you were doing the best for me,
And in the end, I would agree,
But here I stand with a childhood wasted,
Just a shadow of the man I could be.
You never thought of me.
For all the lies, from you, I trusted,
And all the God that you would shove down my throat,
For all the pain and suffering that you've caused me,
One day you'll pay, I know you'll fucking pay.
You were a monster,
All in the name of mindless religion.
Your duty as a matriarch, you should have known,
You should have seen the truth.
You broke my mind. Young hearts are damaged,
In ways that cannot heal,
We only wanted our mother to care.
Instead I'm left here, a child that can't feel home,
And everything that you taught me to be was wrong.
And did you know, that what you did, would ruin your sons?
That I, your child, would look into your eyes,
As you quenched the fire in mine?
That every time, you hit me I died,
and I drew myself more inside?
Young innocence is more fragile than you could ever even know.

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