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Every Nation (World of Metal) - text

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We come with a purpose
A punch to the face
Wake up the World
Make a much better place
I'm talking to you
The wicked and cruel
While here in Metal we all get along
The rich and the poor the weak and the strong
We know what you need
So we're turning it on
And through the neon night
We will be your guiding light
I'm calling out to every nation
I'm hailing you to do what must be done
There cannot be hesitation
This thing we do is for everyone
[Lead - Stu]
They don't understand us
We're kicked to the curb
Often we scare them
And leave them disturbed
We like it that way
We don't care what they say
We don't take orders or do what we're told
You said we'd grow up but this never gets old
The thunder of steel and how it makes us feel
When they open their eyes
They all will be metalized
[Repeat chorus]
Calling out you
We're calling out for you
Calling out you
Calling out you we're calling all of you
[Lead - Ross]
[Lead - Stu]
If the world was all Metal
We never would fight
We would just bang our heads
And get drunk every night
If you made me your king
I'd declare it by right
So to you all we must leave and set sail
We're off to Valhalla with echoing hails
We bid you farewell
We'll see you in hell
And when we're dead and gone
Remember why we sing this song
I'm calling out to every nation
I'm hailing you to do what must be done
I'm sending you this invitation
To join with us and until the war is won
Calling out to every nation
Our enemies we have them on the run
And while it's under our protection
Heavy Metal will be champion!

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