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Follow sheep and move along
Come on kids lets sing along
Do you realize what I’m saying?
Do you believe a word I sing?
Here’s the proof just look around
The reality surrounds me
And I can see it in your eyes
I can see you’re full of, full of lies
All these wasted words
I spill my guts for you
We lay it all on the line
We do it night after night
Ideas go unheard
With every breath I spew
We lay it all on the line
We do it night after night
We lay it all
With every word it makes me sick
I hope they hit you like a ton of bricks
And the reality surrounds you
Open up your eyes
Can’t you see the lies?
Religion, the hatred, the money they’re making
Take your life back
Then you’ll fight back
When you see the wrong
Then you’ll be the song.

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