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All of my own free will
Its not some mindless thrill
Ive got my head on straight
And i aint gonna wait for mindless threat
An intent to injure
An intent to hurt that i dont sweat
Sticks & stones.
Come on and break my bones.
Why do you even try?
Youve burned all your time
And all your bridges too
And all the love,you fuck.
You can silence some of the people some of the time
But you cant control their minds
You can staple my mouth,you can gouge my eyes
Making a fist can never take away this
You can knock my teeth out
You and your little boy scouts
Making a fist will never take away this
Sticks & stones
Come on and break my bones
Youve burned all the time and love you fuck

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If Looks Could Kill, I'd Watch You Die

Death by Stereo texty

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