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the waters choppy,
but it doesnt cut me now.
cause i aint sinkin,
no i aint goin down below.
i dont think
that way you know
i never have
i cant slow down
now just because
you lag.
youre always pulling,
keep on trying.
keep on trying
to bring me down
im going to show
you that i dont like to fuck around.
you show your face
and ill look the other way.
you blink your eyes
and youve got no friends to play.
pick up the slack,
no.i wont carry your monkey
on my back.
save the world,
no got no time,ive got
to save myself today
ive got a mission to fulfill
the things in life
ive got a lot of things to see
before i live to die
all this negativity tries to
bring me down
as you get worse,
i turn my life

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