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not gonna take it if your givin it.
your gonna die from not livin it.
aint gonna fake it.dont belive in it.
you know you hate know your feeling it.
your trapped inside a world of self hate,
self destruction.
your world.
its what you make it before you die.
wont live forever but ill try.
ill push and shove,get out of my way.
keep moving forward,cause i wont stay.
you know you wanbt it,to be free.
our gaol is all common is the difference
between you and me.
we try to live and reach it and still we clash.
when will we learn to make our differenc our past.
leave it behind.its not the way.
wehave to move on together today.
you take it your way and ill take it mine.
well find eachother again in time.
the same direction the same path.
keep moving forward,make our life last.
well keep on trying to keep up the pace
so together we can burn down this place.
weve got the power to take this lace fast.
if we work together we will learn from the past.
well keep on trying to keep up the pace,
so together we can burn down this place.

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