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5 Steps of Freedom - text


Grip the bars that hold my mind
And pace the cell that's stuck in time
Immune to change and far from love
I curse this world and God above

Life is a cage when you're framed and confined
Sentence of pain 25 to life
I breathe in the sky as I recall the past
And realize these are my last

Need to kill this painful lie
Look over shoulder with my hand on knife
I can't keep living my life this way
I'll do my time but I won't behave

The road to hell is paved with good intent
Pass barbed wire and cyclone fence
Destiny lies far from this place
A cemetery plot my final resting place

Got to break this soulless cage
Return my life to human shape
A hell on earth is what they say
Kill or be killed same shit different day

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The Art of Dying

Death Angel texty

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