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Melancholy Oxidase (Feat. Travis Tabron of Va.. - text


Let me dissipate, into violent distortion
The pacifying taste of blood and sulfur. With pale knuckles, comes a skyline bruise stutter in forms, of bleak and desperate hues

Grit teeth, to display dissatisfaction I felt your spirit shift it showed me I am at fault
A failure by choice I am what I manifest. Spinning lead. When will it disperse in my head. Force it's course. To a state of reason. Force it's course. In which I cease to be

Say if you met me now? What could I even say?
Rewired and rearranged, Chemical disarray

Click Click Click Click Click Boom

[Travis Tabron]
Say if I met you now? What could you even say? Selfless now selfish
With a different face
How's all this? Your "predetermined fate" Let me dissipate Let me dissipate

I now know why we are like this. Fallen in love with our vices. I've forcefully dehisced the wound. To remind me what not to do

I cannot fall for this
I cannot fall for the vice and
I cannot fall for you
For you

Evade the feeling I was never good enough , but that's only changing the fact to fiction
Evade the feeling I was never good enough, but that's only lying by omission

I met with death in a bathroom stall, dripping with blood like kerosene doused the shattered lens of intoxication brought on by the bitter taste of you

How could you ever love me, I'm still fucking nothing
How could you ever love me, I'm still fucking nothing

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Soul Burn (EP)

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