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"I blacked out ‘til the morning broke,
I was swallowing glass and inhaling smoke,
I lost my mind in a haze of cobbled streets
and broken windows.
I managed to get away, for a minute or two,
to catch my breath, just long enough
to catch sight of a man with a broken nose
and a bandaged leg, sleeping silently in a photo booth
on the road where I caught a cab,
back through the heart of the tourist district
and into our rundown, rented pad.

I met a strange girl from Brazil,
she made me laugh for an hour or two
and it took me back to the festival
where I was sure that I was gonna go (die).
But then I bought a beer from a nice bar lady
with the kindest eyes that I’d ever seen, she said
“…take a water too honey, it’s warm outside,
we don’t want you dying do we…”

Oh Berlin my love, I’ve got you underneath my skin.
In the early hours of the morning,
I can’t help but let you in/win.

I was there talking to you about some of the shit
they’d put you through, and I knew
that this could be my chance to get you closer.
So I met you round the back, away from the others,
I was trying to fight off my brother but I knew,
I knew that you didn’t have eyes for me…

I’ve got a fire and it burns in me,
it takes me back to the very day I was with you there.
I’ve got a fire and it burns in me,
I knew back then it was clear to see that I was running scared."

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