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The Ashes of the World - text

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Crawling sickness
This scathing obsession with human flesh
The scent of rotting prompts illness in my mind
While masturbating with old bones in chambers
Where I contain all the ashes of the world
My morose condition, I dream of only blood, rust, and cum, and screaming in torture
Solitude eats at my fingers, snapping like my splintered soul
An ancient secret I cannot control
Murder on mass
Can’t we see the signs of depravity?
The veil is opaque and counterfeit by kings
And sold to us as salvation
Open your fucking eyes and bite the fingers force fed
Humanity’s long-lost laryngeal spasm
In constant reflux, we’re whores to a cunt-raped system
Stifled resistance to criminal ideology
Do we not remember the promise of oblivion proclaimed by us, endorsed by some?
We will die in this dystopic kingdom

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