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Burn Forever - text


dear lord in heaven
i must confess
i'm such a failure
a total mess
i've walked a thin line
i've gambled high
i know i blew it
deserve to die
i've been a sinner, sure misbehaved
took life for granted
i won't be saved at every crossroad
took the wrong turn
got no hope left
i deserve to burn
i know my destination
can't break this evil spell
i'm gonna burn forever
burn in hell
i've had some chances
to turn things around
i've seen the light
been lost and found been touched by love
true friendship too
but i lost my drive when i lost you
dear lord in heaven, so this is it
i accept my fate
i'm no hypocrite
i'll take what's coming
at last
i've learned
i'm done with this world
now i shall burn

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