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Have You Ever - text

It takes sometime to figure out
How you want to live your life
How you choose to live your life

I guess we never really know
What our lives are all about
I can't wait to find it out

We all deal with pain
We all need to heal and show strength

Have you ever felt that lonely
You lost your faith in almost everything
Have you ever been that angry
In life, you know how it feels when you´re tired
but won´t fall asleep

It takes some time to understand
How to trust the ones you know..
Is loving for the show?
It´s so hard to be let down
But we know when we do, we need to come around

We conqueror it all
We heal never fall

No I´ll never be that lonely
That I would loose my faith in everything
I would try to beat the anger with love, hope, learning how
wonderful life is to us

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