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Tell me what I like
The certain things I had to hide
I never dared to tell
This is what I like
Now I have overcome my fright
I couldn't stand it's smell

Your promise me delight
Your flesh becomes my bribe
A gift I can't resist
I have to run the risk
Your innocence and pride
The sweetest I could find
Deceive me with your kiss
Betray my fading lips

Take me by the hand
Escape with me into your land
Of neverending lust
Minds and bodies melt
You know your game has reached the end
My everlasting trust
You promise me delight...

You promised me delight
Now hurt me day and night
A gift I gladly keep
To fool another cheat
You kiss my face good bye
And leave me with a smile
You leed me into deep
Another soul to keep

Text přidal KARI

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