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it's a rainy night in paris ,
and the harbour lights are low ,
he must leave his love in paris ,
before the winter snow ;
on a lonely street in paris ,
he held her close to say ,
" we'll meet again in paris ,
when there are flowers on chapms-elyse'es ..."
" how long " she said " how long ,
and will your love be strong ,
when you're across the sea ,
will your heart remember me ? ..."
then she gave him words to turn to ,
when the winter nights were long ,
" nous serons encore amoureux ,
avec les couleurs de printemps ..."
" and then " she said " and then ,
our love will grow again ,"
ah but in her eyes he sees ,
her words of love are only words to please ...
and now the lights of paris ,
grow dim and fade away ,
and i know by the lights of paris ,
i will never see her again ...

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