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Through these eyes, I watched you take the spark that fights to illuminate
Trade her soul for your sickening needs
You are a cancer I will eradicate

It makes me sick to watch you pray upon the innocent, but I can't stand by and simply be a witness

With each fist that splits open my skin, my legs fall as I fail to defend

Tell me how you still can fall asleep when she hasn't shown her face in weeks
Tried to believe that she could outrun these demons
It's inhuman to be so cold
The vultures came and picked and pulled apart
The hell that's in her head

Don't you see yourself for who you really are
The vultures came and picked and pulled apart
The hell that's in her head
From wishing you were dead

The blood stained pavement is the only thing my eyes succeed at seeing
I'm slipping quick into unconsciousness but I meant it when I said it, you're so pathetic

Worthless, despicable waste
And when she's screaming out for help, could you hear a thing she said?

The catalyst to keep her up at night

Though she may forgive, the day won't come that she'll forget
But you are the reason that she stays awake at night
So when I call your name to seal your fate, you better listen

Kicked in the teeth, the vultures circle around me and I see
No hope, no peace, I fade to black with the dark surrounding

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