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One true love
All the soul can know
One true heart
Yearning to belong

Wild is like the wind
Blowing me around
Chasing all my fears
Keeping my trust down

Now I see you here
And my love has come alive
Turn me on so bright
Turn me on and leave your light
To shine eternally on me

Here's my hymn to you
My heart's pure story
Fuller than the moon
Deeper than the sea

Your eyes speak to me
Sharing tenderly
I'm glowing in your grace
Soaring so freely

Now I feel you're near
As your arms they open wide
Give yourself to me
Give me all the strength inside
I need to believe

Just a little bit longer
I come a little bit closer
'Cos this woman is stronger than you and I can see
We need to let it be

Here's my hymn to you
My heart's pure story

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