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They Don't Know The Real You - text

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Can you see the hate you made me feel?
I feel it glowing through my eyes.
I am the scum of the earth.
Destined to fail from birth.
It was imprinted it into my head.
Ill cut this chain off and rip your fucking head off.
Too many times you have turned us away.
My dead eyes were weakened from lack of sleep, staring blankly at the wall.
Where were you? I needed you.
Left to vent to my friends what I’ve been through.
I was fathered by myself.
So don’t tell me what I fucking cant do.
I don’t want to fucking know you.
You left your kids to fend for themselves.
I hope you die alone you fucking piece of shit.
You know who you are - this is a message to you.
I’ll expose every fucking thing you put your family through.
No father of mine.
I will put you away.
Fucked my life from the start
because you didn’t want to stay.
But I moved on and lived the life that I built for myself.
I don’t need you motherfucker.
Now who’s the outcast?
You let go of your family.
You were supposed to be here to the end.
Don’t Serve the world.
Just sell me your soul.
Just follow the others and always do what you’re told.
I’ve got a mind full of guilt from the youth that you stole
and now I won’t fucking fit into the shape that you mould.
Into the shape that you moulded.
I stood alone.
Staring life in the eyes.
Psycho mother fucker.
Cut your head off.
Cry with Laughter.
You can mislead a few but they don’t know the real you.
A twisted psychopath.

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