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I think it’s time to stop looking at yourself
It’s time to judge the life we all live in
Possession of the mind
Consumption of mankind
No smiles, just fear
Incision from ear to ear
Black eyes
Black Heart
Ripping lives apart
There’s a lunatic in all of us
Now my sanity is quickly slipping through the seams
I am always fucking there
In the back of your mind
To fill that empty void
Keeping you from insanity
I am the vice that holds you down
I am the one that keeps you from your fears
The creator
The possessor
I pull the strings that control you
I am the force that plagues you
The creator
The possessor
I crave the sound
To swing the axe back
To hear the bones crack
I love the sound
To swing the axe back
To hear the bones crack
I can’t defeat
What I cannot see
Drag me back to this vessel for eternity
This isn’t me
It’s taking over
My sinister mind
Over-powered my will to survive
Now I’m out of time.

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