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I would have gave my life
So we can make this right
You betrayed my trust
Now all I feel disgust

You were a brother to me
You killed your fucking family

You were my brother
You were my leader
You became a creature
You became the reaper

I tried to help you clear your mind
But the light was too hard to find
Your body came diseased by darkness

Your mind is plagued
By the need to fade away
I know you’re in there somewhere

You can end this
Just put that gun to your head
Paint these walls a new shade of red

This didn’t have to happen, right from the start
You killed the only person that had your heart
It was from that moment, that your life fell apart
I just wish this could all restart

There is no waking up from this
You tore your own life apart
Realise what you have done
Pick up the fucking gun

Realize what you’ve become
You betrayed me for the last time.

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