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Born into anger
Created to erase the cancer
Abusive and insensitive
Aiming to destroy all the earths happiness
You were brought into this world by mistake
You are nothing but a two faced hypocritical fake
Spitting death from your rancid mouth, choking on life forms
Decimation to control your breed’s population
This world has become the only thing
That I never wanted it to be
A fucking hole, filled with disease
Why is this happening to me
I can’t believe you can be so brain dead
I want to cut through your neck with an axe head
I hear disgrace in all the things you've said
I’ll put an end to the things that you spread
I watch my city suffocate
In a cloud of hate
Take one more step and you are dead
Your life is hanging by a thread
Blue eyes quickly turning red
We have been misled, the disease has spread
This is a death squad mother fucker, who do you choose
Fuck with one of us and we'll fuck with you
This is a brotherhood, this is a crew
We are the alpha's mother fucker, you lose
You aren’t so tough with a barrel down your throat
Happiness only hits when you start to choke

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Empty Earth (EP)

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