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Lost Sentience (Feat. Mark Poida of Aversions.. - text


Sit back. My Death, My Ache.
Embrace the underworld.

Ruled by fucked up priorities. A cloud in your head.
Not a single chance wasted. Ignoring all help.

Your blindness, my plea.
Just listen to me
but don’t erase me cause you cant see what I fucking see.

We end up as decaying bones in the ground
so I will live for myself.
So when I’m told to stay away or it will fuck with my head
your false guidance aligns which triggers my hostility.

There's no more time for you to waste on my malevolence.
I will not falsify myself for worthless invocation.

I never realised what its like to feel a mental pain
but its the only thing that makes me feel at peace again.

Not sleeping at night. A drug thats to strong to fight.
I need to find a way to stop before I lose my mind.

Another night of anguish. Another memory lost.
Divided by two worlds, yours and my own.

I would rather take my life than serve this world.
There is nothing that will tie my soul to the earth.

So when your eyes are pierced by the morning sun light
don’t just tell me it will be fine.

Explain how you feel.
Is reality faded?
Did you kill your demons or is your mind jaded?

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