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Slither through your life.
Kill the ones by your side.
You're the only fucking leach.
Mistake your ego for pride.
It’s not your name that suffers
it’s the ones you leave behind.
You’re not the light in the dark.
Just a little bitch that’s hid behind a mask.
I can see now you’re only in this life to please yourself (hid behind a mask).
You got up just to learn you need to sit the fuck down.
You chose to walk the path alone.
I told you, “I’ll be fine all on my own”.
I’ll do this on my own.
I tried to help wanting nothing in return.
Narrow minded people will never learn.
Wake up mother fuck you’re a disgrace.
You would never say the shit you said, to my face.
I feel no guilt.
You gave up on the friendship that we both built.
You chose to walk the path alone.
I told you, I’ll be fine all on my own.
I’ll do this on my own.
I gave in to the voices inside of my head.
They controlled me and they wanted you dead.
No one else would suffer if you weren’t here.
I found nothing to help me rid this world of fear.
Tried to numb the pain from your desperate attacks.
Someone help me. Please save me.
I have realised now that you aren’t what I need.
You gave me a reason to set myself free.
I see my reflection thinking what the fuck have I done?
I set myself free.
Am I an anomaly.

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