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To All, To All, To All! - text

Oh, what a travesty
To think that nothing is wrong
And suffer
The sadness anyway.
Shall we blame the light?
The lack of it?
Our star burns constantly
with an unbearable fire
yet still holds our head
Under nights surface
A winters gasp enough to survive,
To hold on, to hold on
And believe in day, in happiness,
In the confidence of warmth.
Can I hold my breath through this?
Can I hold my breath through this?
Did I waste enough of the summer
On tillage and hoarding?
Did I worry enough
To worry again,
Is this every year?
Have I lost enough of the day
To survive the night?
And time away from family,
From lovers, from songs?
I hate this
Work is the shackle
Debt is the cage.

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