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The Ceaseless Arbitrary Choice - text

You gamble again on the listing scales,
The balance endlessly tilting,
The rigid structure that will only ever fall two ways.
Adamant that the balance cannot be predetermined,
That the coin be constantly tossed,
And each half equally weighted,
There is confusion when the odds don't always favour you.
It's very failure you see as it's strength,
It's blindness to need or compassion,
Gives weight and credence
To evils you thought
The machine would erase.
An instrument designed to balance the great opposites
Must always rely on good and evil.
Why is there a ceiling on what we are trusted with?
In place of the gamble on hope or despair,
Why can we not rig the system?
Let's force the outcome,
Let's trust ourselves completely
And know that cruelty is not the prerequisite of kindness.
This is all by our hand
And can easily be undone,
Lets stop the arbitrary outcomes,
And just set the balance once.

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