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Fire Sermon - text

So light the fires and gather the stones!
Hot enough to burn them out,
And take back what we're owed!
We'll march to the gates of the prison for one final time,
Watch the vindictive governor cast his eyes up to the skies,
We'll make him feel for a moment all the despair and fear,
That he inflicted on the unfortunate for thousands of years.
We'll prise off the hinges and shatter the locks!
It's time to empty the cells!
They must be told they were never forgotten,
That their suffering will not be forgiven!
The dialogues of vengeance versus mercy
must be lead by those that were wronged,
For the naive and privileged have undermined us for too long.
These are things that cannot be forgiven, acts of suffering that can't be unsewn...
So light the fires and gather the stones!

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