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Emptiness Beneath the Great Emptiness - text

All the wanting in the world
Won't bring your god to life,
Your weightless words are swept away
And I don't think anyone noticed.
I used to hope you'd just be extraneous,
but now I don't even hope.
Everything you've ever said,
every hatred, every sleight of hand,
Sees you fade out to irrelevance
So I guess thank God for that.
We could happily burn the lot
As a promise
for every childhood destroyed,
Every woman shamed.
Let the fires burn as a signal,
Let the fires burn as a signal,
Let the fires burn as a signal that
Our community won't fail to protect them again,
All this destruction will be avenged.
You have delighted in harsh decisions,
But it was really never a risk,
Because you would never feel
The consequences!
I'm sick of the same white male excuses
For those gross white male abusers.
Every hatred, every sleight of hand
Sees you fade out to irrelevance,
So I guess thank God for that.

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