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Midnight, nothing in sight
Black memory come down
I don’t know where I am going
To hide the golden brown
Flickering so bright and dark
Can’t seem to move
The walls are closing in on my heart
Don’t know what to do

I wonder what I have to prove
I see it now, it must have been years to you

Moving on, have to be strong
Lost in a vertigo
Reaching for a clearer conscience
Voices from down below
Suddenly the vision’s clearer
I see a figure arise
A choir of sisters chanting
To penetrate the ice

I’m on my way on a long dark road
I’m almost there, it must have been years to you

A dark crown of crimson flowers
Sounds of hearts delight
Whispers in a southern sunset
Lasts through the night
Here I am, cold and lonely
Screaming out in pain
Lock the doors, block your senses
The cure is in your vein

Come closer now, come let it through
A blink of an eye, it must have been years to you

Now I know the figures in the dark below
They dance against the time, time
Time is life, time is what I’m wishing for
To help me hold the line

Are we in this together or driven apart?
Where are the corners of our hearts?
When I know the secrets why
All those smiles, don’t let them die
Running faster to Paradise

Now I’m almost there
Tie the ribbon across my heart
Reaching for the highest heights
I crush the floor, tear down the walls
Take a deep breath in the april skies
I will never let you go...

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Video přidal DevilDan

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