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Demons of the Cross - text


We are the Holy See, the mouth and love from our God
Come here to seek for help, confess all of your sins

Behind the crucifix
Lies a secret kept from the light

We show mercy and a way to paradise, show us your faith
We speak for the God of love, confess all of your sins

Down in vaults of dark memories
There’s a secret of genocide

...of the cross
Demons of the cross

Run away from destiny
Run away from apathy
Rise in the darkness
Ride with the anguish
Send them away into the void
The crippled, the weak, the unfaithful ones
Burn in the darkness

It’s time to get them all away
Living space for the master race
Listen to the holy flame and praise
A dream of euthanasia
Condoning the atrocities
Turn their backs on David’s burning star

Claim to serve the God of love
Driven by power and greed
Surrender to the law of hate
Hypocrisy in the cathedrals
Wipe away the polish of beauty
The demons of the cross

Text přidal DevilDan

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