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This one's going out to you
As the taxi pulls away
A song to keep you company for the ride

There's something wrong with a goodbye
In the middle of the day
So pretend I am still sitting at your side

And if you want to talk about all the differences
Between the shackle and the man
Or if you've got reasons no one ever let you say

Then fire away
Fire away

This one's going out to you
On the day they let you out
For the thousand ways they ask if you're okay

Because whatever answer that you give
It's only gonna play into their doubts
And be just half of what's behind each word you say

So if you finally roped that heartbreak song
That the experts never could
Or if you just wanted someone to listen to you play

Then fire away
Fire away
Fire away

This one's going out to you
If you ever start to slip and you learn
To read between these lines you've drawn

When what is wrong and what is right
Seem more like just the ocean and the ship
And the straight line that you've followed here is gone

And if that same old fox comes and sweeps you up
Each time you spread your wings
I could at least love you through each stumble, shift and sway

So fire away
Fire away
Fire away

When you need someone to walk away from
When you need someone to let you in
(Through each stumble, shift and sway)

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