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[Verse 1: Guy Davis]
I don't know, but I been told
The people down in Georgia got the jellyroll
Well all right, it's all over town, mmm hmmm
It makes your feet start jumping
And you just can't put it'em down
Come on, show me what you got
I know how to do that, my daddy's from Georgia
Go 'head
All right sister, let me see you move that thing
All right, mmm hmmm
Pass me that, let me get a little swig of that over there
All right, here we go
[Verse 2]
Move your legs, side to side
Shake your head, throw your arms out wide
I believe I'll have another little swig of that
Mmmm, yeah
[Verse 3]
Move your hips, roll your eyes
Wave your arms like butterflies
[Verse 4]
The people in the east like break it down
People out in the west shake it all around
[Verse 5]
Daddy got the Caddy, mama got the Ford
Little kids riding on the running board
[Verse 1]
What's she doin' over ther?

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