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Seeya ft lee haeri (davichi) - you're all gro.. - text


cham eoje ibyeoreun naega neomu eoryeoseo
The first time I broke up with someone, because I was so young,

changpihan juldo moreugo peongpeong ureosseo
I cried buckets of tears without feeling ashamed.

hana dul sarangeul gyeokkgo naido meogeo gamyeonseo
After I'd been through love's ordeal a few times more as I grew older

deoneun ulji maljago apahaji maljago
I decided not to cry any more, not to suffer any more,

amuri gyeolsimhaedo geuge andwae
No matter what the outcome, I wouldn't do that sort of thing.

ije da keotjanha eoreuni dwaetjanha
I'm a big girl now after all, I've grown up now after all

cheori eomneun geoya mwoya, wae jakkuman uneun geoya
It's childish, what is there to keep on crying about?

ijeneun deo isang, namjattaemune ulji anketdago gyeolsimhaenneunde
They say at my age I shouldn't be weeping any more because of a man,

geugeotdo mot jikyeo uneun naega miwo
If things turn out badly I don't mind, I hate to cry.

sarangeul sijakhamyeon ibyeoreul yejeonghago
I found another love, but the time has come to part,

ibeonen ulji anketji meotjincheokhaedo
I'm sure not going to cry this time, I'm going to pretend to be cool about it.

eoneusae heureuneun nunmul, nareul baboro mandeulgo
Suddenly tears start to fall and make me look a fool,

deoneun ulji maljago amuri dajimhaedo
I said I wouldn't cry any more, but despite all my resolve,

ibyeol ape wae tto nan nunmuri na
faced with breaking up, why am I weeping yet again?


uljianheullae ulgiga sirheo
I'm not going to cry, I hate crying,

sirtaneunde wae jakku heulleo
why do my tears keep flowing?

eoreuni doemyeon jakku sarangeul hamyeon
If I'm grown up, even if I keep on falling in love,

nunmul ttawin mareul jul aranneunde
I thought my tears would have all dried up.


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Non-album release

Davichi texty

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