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Netflix and Chill (Dave Days feat. Black Prez.. - text


First time I saw you was like oh God
And even God up there like "Oh God dayum!"
I wanna get you on the sofa
I got some things I wanna show you
Come over come over
I see you out there all alone
I've got this party here for two (oh yeaa)

I just wanna Netflix and chill with you girl
Come on over to the crib girl we can kick it
And throw on some friends but we're not just friends
No, we're something special
Yeah I just wanna Netflix and chill with you girl
Planet Earth got us so turnt up yeah
But you already know, we're not here for shows
I just wanna Netflix and chill, Netflix and chill

Clocks ticking girl what you wanna do
Cause time is money and this trial runs out soon
But you don't even know about the wifi
But since you asked.. I stole the neighbors wifi
Pop a bottle of this red wine we start clicking
So many titles we can't make no decision
I got my mind made u on you, girl you know what to do

I got my laptop and a spot open
That's for you girl, hope you brought lotion
Get oiled up, this show gets royaled up
So hot get's boiled up till your hands and your toes get coiled up
We can do this all the time, drop me a line when you got it on your mind
Ain't trying to slime but you looking kind of fine
This god damn thing cost 7.99 oh yeah can we split that?
No, okay, can I hit that?

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