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Bastille "Pompeii" Parody - text


I was once a normal guy who lived an average life
But then I played this horrid game now I want to die
This flappy bird flies up it flies down in a game I thought I'd love
Great pipes soared over the hills bringing challenge from above

But when you crash into the pipes
Does it almost feel like you got slapped in the face
When you fly into a pipe
Does it make you want to throw your phone till it breaks
Why am I being such an optimist about this
I hate this game with I never got it

I thought game were supposed to be fun
Cause when I play I really hate what I've become
Cause I lost all of my friends don't want to sleep or go to bed
I Can't put my phone down without smashing it on the ground

I was so confident then I got punched in the face by a pipe
Tried to but I can't quit and my high score, I can't beat it
Now I can't quit

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Covers (2014)

Dave Days texty

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