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Thoughts to Weigh on Farewell Day - text

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My gaze falls cool on you, with no emotions
I cannot see the sparkle in your eye
I want to tell you more than my lips allow
I will regret not keeping you with me,
But now you must go on alone
I can't believe you'll never tell me
Of things I had no time to ask about
Of how imperfect we all are
Every single star must fall
There are words, undeniable
There are deeds, irreversible
There are thoughts, unforgettable
Shorter days, longer nights
I caress my moonlit visions
It is winter, still this lovely tree decides to bloom
Clouds they carry rain, so don't look back
Forever night
The wind-lashed tree
It's the secret of life
This is the horizon of your fears
I'm closer than you think

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