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Give me some silence so that I can touch
The undisturbed lucidity of the air
I feel my pulse in my sleep, through dreams that hide within
I open to the images which lazily float in
Each generation has a story to tell
Stripped of our dream we sit down on clouds
And vanish together with the setting sun
Fading among the letters written to the past
We wander and weave our nights together with mornings,
Thoughts strain to hear the voice of life unfulfilled
The drama of evenings and nights when the we only dream of leaving
Deep in the shadow the fear of the invisible appears,
Silence arrives next and sits between us
Once again light crumbles in our hands
Misfortune makes stronger memories than bliss
Space crushes us down, grabs us and chokes us
Sweet dream of satisfaction haunts us no more
We awake full of fears that all we built
Soon will fall apart again
But the song never dies with the man
Absorbing light we become light ourselves

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A Philosopher at the End of the Universe

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