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Clouds, Clouds, Darkening All - text

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The raven has eclipsed the sun
Brewing storm covers the skies
Despair goes from grey to black
Horizon drowns in darkness
As frothing waves rage and roar
Mournful choirs whisper
Flooded by sorrow I am ruined
Pain in the eternity of passing
Through grudging mist I ramble
Bitterness and gloom have overcome me
A single word that stabbed me hard
Face whitened by its frosty gaze
Forgotten shadows stretch their arms
In a funeral conduct
Sworn into silence, phantoms glide by
Thrown on its back, the past has died
Death whispered the only verse it knows
And scattered everything

He will remain
Forever silent
His mouth was shut before he tasted life
A cruel hand snatched his time away
Clock strikes stroke eleven in his hour
He closed his eyes
Before he saw the world
Thick silence cradled him to sleep
Everything gone in a moment
Clouds, clouds, darkening all

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