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Night by night we shadow you
We're watching every step you take
We judge your clothes and your behaviour
Every word you say and your ability
To fill the crowd with enthusiasm
The way you have command of your guitar
We make you win, we make you loose
We never fall – we are the law
We're omnicsient, you're dependent on our words
We set the measures, we decide the line
We are right
So take good care of what you do
Be careful what you say
About our magazines and our reports
You know the truth is in our hands
So you better say the things
We'd like to hear from you
Or give us money for good reviews
Does no one notice your attempts to become known?
Perhaps that we can make it work
Praise our photos, praise our magazine
And suddenly your suit is fine
Promote our paper, and suddenly
You're a guitar-hero – wait and see
Give us a little contribution, give us a cheque
We're sure your fame will soon come back...
You still think you can be successful
Without our help or our support?
You ain't judicious, so we've got to give you
An example of the might we hold in our hands
We'll ignore you 'til any memory
Or your existance will be extinct

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