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Ain't No Sin - text


I say
It ain't no sin
When you're down with Lucifer
Let go yourself
The time is now or never

Gather 'round
To the top
Get it moving
Hear the fallen moan as they go 1, 2, 3
Watch your steps
Make a move
They're pursuing
And take your chance to screw reality

You wanna be ahead of the game
You wanna earn yourself a name
Play your hand and risk it all
Grab the throat before you fall

Let's go to
I say it ain't no sin

Accept the threat
Take a look in a mirror
Suffocate their tombstone mentality
Get off the ground
To the air levitating
And hear them say f.u.c k

When two worlds colide
You push side by side
Never feel more alive

Text přidala PaulieC

A Story Yet Untold

Darkh texty

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