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Conversions of the Seer - text


Behold the conversions
Of an exalted seer,
The signs of good fortune
And omens of evil,
Behold the odd images,
Try to comprehend,
Behold and remember,
See and understand.

See, I am the black eagle
With golden wings,
I am the lord of the sky,
Terror of the field,
See, I take what I want
For I’m the one to rule,
See how I rejoice
Know that this is good.

See, I am the black snake
With golden head,
See, I am cut open,
See, I am dead,
See how my head falls
Chopped off by a sword,
Know that the bad luck
Is standing at your door.

See, I am a shaman
Saying words of might,
But Tengri stays silent,
His face is full of night,
See, I’ve gone astray
On a mountain trail,
Know that evil spirits
Are already on their way.

See, I am the Son of Heaven
Who reigns at dusk and dawn,
Behold my shining sword,
Behold my golden throne,
See the people bow down
Before my endless might,
I bring luck and victory,
I dispel the night.

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