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Enter the endless time
Enter the never mind
The sit and wait it will change
This is the paradigm
On the mend on the descent
On a pilgrimage to the last of the monuments

This is the end
I see the sun go down for one final time
This desert is alive
And all the engines have died

I see no reason to hide
Though we should cease to speak
My vision has blurred
Legs have gone weak
I fear I’m starting to repeat

But we’ve come too far
Too far to retreat
Beyond the point of no return
The point of defeat

On bloody feet
From here on out
The thorns and the scorn of the earth unforgiving
This is the sound of it breaking you down
With a vengeance
The stench of regression

And in the end the flora reconquered
Order restored a world reborn
I’ve seen the blood
I’ve smelled the rot of their self destruction
We are the subjects
We are the sword
We are the last of the invading hordes

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