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Doomsayer (The Beginning Of The End) - text


You are the only one with the ability to turn this tide
With the capacity to learn the truth and burn the lies
That signalize our disgust so come with me,
I'll be your doomsayer and show you everything
That you'll never see
Behind borrowed eyes you're living in the end
You're not alone
Decrepit monuments sit on their own thrones
The crushing weight relentless in its pull
Or be diluted with the rest all we are,
Leads us to inherent insurgence
It leads you to deceive yourself
When you believe you've been bled dry
And aren't you sick of waiting for nothing
Facilitating all your demons staring at the sun
I watched it rise and collide
With this dream where I had stopped living in the past
Stopped living with that crash/burn longing
It'll pass
It brings you to your knees
Reliving that same nightmare where you realize..
And who can save you,
Not their gods and not their masters
And who will free you,
Look in the mirror

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Videa přidal DevilDan

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