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Beneath It Sleeps (Ft. Kris Norris) - text


Beyond the reaches of
A thousand rising suns
Your god won’t save you now
Your god always was
Infected plagiaristic
Simple to understand
With no obligation to the true nature of the land

Defy derelict devil in a suit
A celebrated life
A celebrated tomb

I’ve looked away
I’ve cast aside
Stared into the emptiness
A vacant heart a vacant mind

Now I can see it clear
Enter the overgrown
Separated and selected
The blood of my blood will defy

I love the fear of night
I love the moon
I hate to wake you up
This may all be over soon

This is my final entry
I feel I may have finally
Cracked the code
To sustaining and maintaining
A vibrant and healthy
Human life
Maybe it’s nothing but
I swear I hear the birds of
The morning hours
It makes my heart go a-flutter
The tower once risen to power
Has crumbled is dying
And devouring itself
And what I’ve come to discover
Has been nothing more than . .

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