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An Ethereal Drain - text


Crossed out of our mindscapes
We're frozen in the time
Stretched around your face a mask
A clever disguise ever
So enticing this corroding chemical synapse
Spawn of a beast
An ethereal drain tatters on the brink
Burst into a cloud of spores
Explode into the atmosphere
Weaving our lives with chaotic design siphons
What's left inside
Suppress us
Impress us with subtle delusions
And life-like proportions
Bled into one another plagiarize
Our dreams
A rift in eternity
All encompassing within it's entirety..
Baptized in fire
Leeching the underbelly
Tired traditions
Retired a discord within the choir
So sing the praise with your noiseless voices
And pass the blame in the age of distorted reality
Refined relief in chaos unleashed we find release

Text přidala Raduwa

Video přidal DevilDan

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