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Tempestous Sermonizers Of Forthcoming Death - text


Visions bleak, fortified in maiming cold.
Enthralled by ancient conjured vociferations.
Insignificant, miserable lives are unable to repel
their forthcoming violent death.

Tempestous sermonizers� breath chimes
a funeral dirge of an ungodly tome.

We - who deny the gift of life� Shall be the judging blade.
We � who walk illumined paths, Shall herald the hallowed prophecy.

The epitome of garish forgiveness inverts
to a pale countenance of horrid torments.
Compassion, citadel of heavens abode,
tonelessly crumbles to redeeming indifference.

We � who are Lords above your God, witness the final prayer
Tempestous sermonizers� breath howles a funeral dirge of an ungodly tome.

We � who are ancient aristocrats are mankinds scourge.

� for there is no other god besides the I�

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